Whiston Town Council Members serve the residents of Whiston on a voluntary basis. All Members are elected for a four year period. Members are invited to attend Council Meetings on the third Wednesday of each month in the Council Chamber at the Whiston Town Hall (except for August when there is a Summer recess period). Members of the public are entitled to attend and observe the proceedings of these meetings. Although there may be occasions when there is an item on the Agenda of a confidential nature and observers may be requested to leave the meeting room.

Each year at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council held in May, Members elect a Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor.

Residents of Whiston are represented by 12 Members, who give their time freely. Whiston currently consists of 2 Wards, Whiston North and Whiston South.


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Councillor George Gaffney
16 Castlewell
0151 426 3871

Councillor John Gaffney
8 Brook Street
0151 431 1610

Councillor Pauline Kelly
34 Bishop Drive
0151 426 7788 
Councillor Mavis Kayes
5 Time Park
0151 493 1151
Councillor Ronald Gaffney
3 Haslemere
0151 426 4883 
Councillor Sandra Gaffney
10 Braemar Close
0151 430 9194 

 Whiston Town Council - Serving the Community