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If you are a local group based in Whiston and would like to be included on our website please contact Mandy at Whiston Town Council on 0151 430 7200.

Arts and Crafts

Prescotia Art Group - Wednesday Afternoon 2.00pm to 4.00pm - Robert Foulkes Centre, Brook Street

Boxing Club

Higherside ABC is now based in the Fitness Suite at Whiston Town Hall, further details can be found here
If you would like to speak to someone please contact Alex, her mobile number is 07824 382652.

Children's Clubs   

2nd Knowsley Scout Group has now been based at the George Howard Centre for a number of years. The group meets on a Tuesday 
     Beavers - Boys & Girls (6 to 8 years) - 5.00pm to 6.15pm - Main Hall
     Cubs - Boys & Girls (8 to 10.5 years) - 6.30pm to 8.00pm - Main Hall
     Scouts - Boys & Girls (10.5 to 14 years) - 6.45pm to 8.45pm - Activity Hall

For further details please contact Wes Sloane 07805 665605

?LittleStars - Meet monthly at the George Howard Centre on a Saturday morning. The Group arranges "stay and play" sessions for families with autistic children, as well as support coffee mornings. For further details please contact Michelle on 07914794492

Dance Classes

If you are looking for dance classes for the young ones Whiston has a number of classes held in the community centres

W.I.K.E.D        -  Wednesday -  5.30pm to 8.30pm - George Howard Centre, Main Hall
Street Dance and singing - Every welcome

Excel Dance School      - Wednesday 3.45pm to 7.30pm - Whiston Town Hall
                                        - Thursday 3.45pm to 8.15pm - Robert Foulkes Centre, Brook Street
For further details please contact Kate Mazelos on 07867 933764. Kate teaches ballet, tap and Jazz (street & commercial) for aged 3 years +

Fusion Morris Dancers - Thursday 5.00pm to 7.00pm - Whiston Town Hall
Visit their facebook page for further details or you can contact Christine on 0151 426 7486. All costumes provided (free of charge), dancers are asked to provide their own white shoes.

Dance Distinction        -  Friday 3.45pm to 4.45pm - George Howard Centre, Main Hall
For further details please contact Haley on 07804 242029

Dog Traning Classes

Victoria Dog Club (Click for further information) has been based at Whiston Town Hall for many years. The classes are split into three different levels and are held on a Thursday evening commencing at 7.00pm.

The classes are on a six week rota. Anyone interested in bringing their dog along for training are welcome to call in and speak to the club. You will be adviced on prices and when the new set of classes is due to begin.


Whiston Gardening Club has always had strong links with Whiston Town Council. The Club meets at the Town Hall on a regular basis and in the summer holds a Grand Show in the main hall.

The club has its own website at

Martial Arts

Aikido classes are held at both The George Howard Centre and at Whiston Town Hall.
      Club 'Hi' Aikido Kan - Friday 6.30pm to 8.30pm (Juniors/Seniors) - George Howard Centre, Main Hall

For more information visit their website at

Whiston Tai Chi - For anyone looking for a more gentle non-contact martial art then Tai Chi might be for you. Whiston Tai Chi meet at Whiston Town Hall every Tuesday 2.00pm to 3.00pm. 

Local Parks & Playareas

Here in Whiston we are blessed with a number of beautiful parks and open spaces. The largest open space in Whiston is Stadt Moers Park. The park is looked after by Knowsley Greenspace Rangers who during the course of the year hold a number of events to encourage residents to visit the area and even get involved in projects to improve the park. If you would like to know more about the activities in the park or any of the other activities the Rangers are involved in please contact them on 0151 489 1239.

Along with Stadt Moers Park another lovely park in the area is Henley Park situated near Whiston Hospital. Henley Park has for a number of years been awarded the Green Flag, a national award that shows the park meets a high environmental standard, with improvements being introduced all the time. The park has a play area with climbing frames and natural materials activities. More recently the friends have worked on a sensory garden (near the fire station to the rear of the park).

Both these parks have a friends group who meet on a regular basis and hold events in the parks to help bring people into the parks.

Friends of Stadt Moers Park have set up a facebook page and you can visit their website at

If you would like any further information about these friends groups please contact Mandy at the Town Council Office on 0151 430 7200 or send her an email (please see our contact page).

Foxshaw Close has a small playarea with a wild garden area and it is open daily for the younger ones. (Gate is locked once daylight is fading)


Luncheon Clubs

Lickers Lane Pensioners Club - Monday lunchtime we have many people gathering at The George Howard Centre for the Lickers Lane Pensioners Club Lunch. A nice hot meal is prepared by a wonderful group of volunteers and enjoyed by everyone who comes along. The dinners are at 12.00 o'clock costing £2.00 and for anyone who wishes to there is a quick game of bingo afterwards.

Tuesdays and Fridays sees a small gathering of people at the Robert Foulkes Centre, Brook Street. Members are given a three course lunch (soup & a roll, lunch and a pudding) costing £2.50 including a drink. For further enquiries for the Robert Foulkes Lunches please contact Mandy at the Town Council Office on 0151 430 7200. Please note that should anyone wish to come along for a lunch at the Robert Foulkes Centre they must book their meal a week in advance.

Open College of Sign Language

Open College of Sign Language is based at the Whiston Town Hall.

Over 55's Group

There are a number of groups that our more mature residents might find appealing.

Whiston Indoor Bowling Club - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Whiston Town Hall is the meeting place for a group of residents to gather together for a friendly game of indoor bowls. Everyone comes along at 10.00am for a few games and a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with friends. New members are always welcome to come along and see if they would like to try a game or two. (£1.00 per session)

Whiston Dragons Indoor Bowls - Another group of indoor bowlers meet on a Friday evening again at the Whiston Town Hall at 7.00pm. Again new members are always welcome.

If indoor bowling is not what you are looking for then how about a game of bingo? It's eyes down every Monday afternoon at the Town Hall at 2.00pm.

If a little bit of exercise is what you are thinking of then maybe a nice gentle class of Tai Chi is more to your liking. (please see Martial Arts)

Slimming Clubs

There are a number of slimming clubs held in and around Whiston and Prescot some of which are held at the Town Council's facilities.

  Rosemary Conley Classes are held at the Town Hall on Tuesday evenings from 6.15pm - For further details please contact Dorothy Rimmer on 01744 821355

  Slimming World also meet The George Howard Centre on Thursday from 3.30pm - For further details please contact Kathy on 0786 5014437

Wellbeing & Exercise

A number of groups that have already been mentioned could also fall under this section, dance, martial arts, slimming clubs and some of the activities in the Over 55's Group.

Facing Life and Pain (FLAP) meet at the Robert Foulkes Centre on a Monday and Thursday morning. The group is a self-help group for people who suffer with long term aches and pains. The members are introduced to alternative theropies such as indian massage and relaxation techniques to try out. The sessions also give members an opportunity to chat and socialise.

Faith Bootcamp (Keep Fit Training) - Whiston Town Hall, Wednesday, ?7.45pm to 8.45pm - Believe, Achieve, Succeed.

Miscellaneous Groups & Associations

Sometimes it is difficult to catagorise a group or association. Under this heading we have listed groups such as these.

Whiston Central Ladies Guild meet on Wednesday evenings September to June at the Robert Foulkes Centre from 7.15pm. During each month they invite two speakers to give talks to members on a variety of subjects. Also in a one month period they have a craft evening and a gentle exercise session.
Click here to see their programme for 2017

Whiston Village Guild meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Whiston Town Hall from 7.30pm (no meeting in August or December). Guest speakers are invited to come along and give talks on their specialised subject. The evening also gives members a chance to socialise and meet new friends. If you would like any further information please contact Audrey Lamont on 0151 489 2007.

Whiston Initiative in Cultural Heritage better known as WICH hold a meeting once a month at the Town Hall. The group is currently involved in the development of memorial building at the Fox Bank Cemetry in Whiston.

Anyone wanting any further information about the group and their fundraising please contact Gerry Halliday on 07958168016. Gerry is currently collating information about the history of Whiston and is very interested in any old photographs and stories from the area and would love to hear from you.

During the summer period some groups may cancel or alter times.

If you require any information please contact Whiston Town Council Staff on 0151 430 7200