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Spring News

The first day of spring and the weather is wet and miserable. I don't feel we can complain as we have had a mild winter, only having to cancel the football sessions on the Multi Use Games Area on only a handful of occasions.

At Whiston Town Hall we have had our main hall floor refurbished and the room decor is various shades of grey. We find this fits with most colour choices when the venue is hired for special occasions.

The kitchen has also had a facelift and we do our very best to repair and maintain all the rooms to a reasonably high standard, given our current financial constraints.

Whiston Town Council Members have had to make some difficult decisions with regard to the budget for 2017/2018 having had the grant from the Borough Council reduced by 18K this year.

It is hoped that the way this had been managed will have the least impact on residents and the users of our facilities.

The Staff and Members of the Council serve the community of Whiston and they continue to strive to offer the best services provision for the residents.

Please take a look around our website or give us a call if you wish to know more.

S Mayers - Town Clerk - Updated 01/03/2017

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